The Cutthroat Pirates are coming to Kickstarter

Yes, the pirates are coming to Kickstarter. We’ll be seeking crowd funding to help us do some major upgrades to the 7Shuffles software engine and to help spread the word what we are up to.

What are we up to…Re-imagining and Re-invigorating the thrill of classic card games.

What’s coming after the Kickstarter?

We’ll list a few things here now, but more information will be released as we grow closer to the launch of the Kickstarter.

For Multiplayer:

Smugglers Run: A knockout style romp where your objective is to stay alive as long as possible. Each time you catch a bag (pirates call them bones or barnacles) you lose health. Once your health reaches 0 your final score is tallied and posted to the leaderboards.

  • As your opponents are defeated you will gain health and rank

  • Once you hit the highest rank you will no longer be able to regain health and must stay alive with your wits alone

  • Players will get huge bonuses for knocking out the highest ranked opponents

For Singleplayer:

The new chapters will start to roll out with unique rules, tweaks, and more pirates to meet. We don’t want to spoil any of the story, but we will tell you about a few of the new rules and features.

  • Mutiny Rules: In this version of Cutthroat you’ll play as either the Captain or the Mutineers in a 2 vs 1 match up.

  • Rule of Threes: A mysterious wind from the orient brings to the isles the Rule of Threes.

  • Grand Tournament: Play in a tournament of tournaments.

  • New Dealer Only Bids, these bids can be bid by only the dealer.

  • Two Player Mode, this often-overlooked version is quite unique as players take turns drafting cards to form their hands.

  • More Characters, More Options, more items to purchase with Swashbuckles, like new card backs, card decks, and tabletops; just more stuff than you can fit in a cheese barrel.

We also have a physical deck of cards and a 16-song soundtrack that backers can receive as rewards, along with some other cool stuff, like Custom Exclusive Kickstarter Avatars.

Keep your ears to the wind, friends, for more news on the Kickstarter.

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