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Our Mission

The Cutthroat Spades app is developed with our software we call the 7Shuffles Engine. It is being developed to tell stories revolving around any classic card game and to present users with unique experiences. It is our mission to reimagine and reinvigorate the thrill of classic card games in new and interesting ways, while keeping true to the original spirit of each game.

The SkullWink team has been developing our flagship app, Spades Cutthroat Pirates, for several years now, expanding and improving the 7Shuffles Engine. We have many plans for this engine. For example; we have a Hearts Bloody Pirates app in the works which will be what we have coined a “paralleliquel”. It will be based on the very popular Hearts game and will tell a story from the point of view of a crewman of the pirate ship, the Impaler. For those who have followed the Spades Cutthroat Pirates story, you’ll recognize the Impaler as the name of the villain’s ship. We’ll also be visiting other classic games such as Whist, Poker, and Rummy.

With all our games, you will be able to play them with a standard deck of cards. It is our hope that once players experience one of our apps, they will invite their friends to play in a real life match up, start some rivalries, and continue with the tradition.

Another of our plans, that we are super excited about, is to create apps for children that help them learn the basic concepts of card games. They’ll learn to match suits, the ranking of the cards, how to follow suit, what bidding is, etc. And one of the main features will be to teach children how to exhibit good sportsmanship, whether they win or lose. Parents will also be able to play multiplayer matches with their children to help guide them in this learning process.


Our Team

Larry Ted McBride – Lead Designer, Programmer, Producer, Based in Texas

John Rogers – Writer, Quality Control, Based in the UK


John Varker – Voice Actor Extraordinaire, Based in the UK

Tim Beek - Soundtrack Composer, Based in Netherlands

​Judy Ware – Editor, Based in Texas

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