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Spades Cutthroat Pirates is available to be played on PC and Mac with the BlueStacks app. BlueStacks is an Android emulator* backed by several big name companies such as Samsung, Intel, and AMD. This program will allow you to play millions of Android apps on your desktop computer.


Installation is a breeze. Follow this guide to be up and playing in no time...


First, download BlueStacks from their website. You can find the current version here...


Once downloaded, click on the installer and follow the instructions.


After the files are installed, you can launch the app from the installer or double-click the BlueStacks icon on your desktop.


When BlueStacks is launched, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. If you do not have one you can create one.


Once you are at BlueStacks' Home Screen, click on the Play Store icon.


This is Google Play Store where you can find a multitude of apps. You can click on the three-line menu button to bring up your Play Store settings.


Here you can view and adjust your account settings, such as your Notifications, Wishlist, and Payment methods.


When you are done there, click anywhere off of the menu to close it. Then click the search bar and search for “Spades Cutthroat Pirates”.


Once at the app's store page, click the green Install button to begin installation. Then, when the app is installed, tap the Home button, in the lower right corner, to return to the Home Screen.

Note: the four buttons in the lower right corner are your main controls for Bluestacks. From top to bottom we have Settings, Back Button (which closes apps), the Home Button, and the Recent Apps button, which opens up a scroll view of all apps you have open so you can resume playing or close apps.


Now, tap the Spades Cutthroat Pirates icon to launch the app. At the main menu, and after agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Welcome screen will open. If you are a Registered User with an email and password click the Previous User button and enter your credentials. For new users, tap Continue and a guest account will be setup for you.


You are now all set to play Spades Cutthroat Pirates.


Welcome aboard, mate!

*In simple terms, an Android emulator is a program that lets you play phone apps on your desktop computer. In other words, it simulates a phone environment on your desktop. 

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